Volunteer organisation of Nepal

If you’re planning to abroad volunteer programs or volunteering in Nepal; you’re in the right place to find the wonderful volunteer opportunities. We’ve been taking students and travelers to Nepal since 2002.

The organization provides low cost gap year and volunteering Nepal opportunities on a common platform to share their experiences and skills. We enrich them with real grass root level experiences through working with children, women and Youth.We don’t only offer program for young people, traditionally between school and University. It is equally as suitable to older people, people on sabbaticals or anyone just looking for an opportunity to experience life in a different culture.vols

We respect the Value, belief and culture of local communities we trained our International volunteers accordingly and make them perfect to fit on the Nepali community. Our on going support makes volunteering in Nepal unforgettable. We care our Volunteers as an Individual. we offer meaningful and affordable volunteering programs in Nepal
We are dedicated to supply an excellent opportunity for volunteers to learn Nepali custom and culture , within a supportive environment.
The VEEP Nepal offers volunteer service opportunities in community projects around Nepal.

Our vision is to support the work of local community organizations, run by local people, youth, women with the value of sustainable development in different parts of Nepal.

We believe that local people are in the best position to determine their needs, and we provide volunteers to help them achieve their goals.

We are helping more than 30 children in various 4 orphanages and sending our more than 100 volunteers every year to work with them and help them in various ways.

through our sustain and responsible tourism we are creating a big community of travelers who are more interested on Eco tourism and community based tourism and spreading messages that holidays can be worthy , fruitful and meaningful we are giving new dimension of Tourism in Nepal .

group vols

vols with children

  • refrigerator in orphanage donated by VEEP volunteers

    Laptop,refrigerator and other stuff donated

    we are so happy to associate with Lumbini orphanage, its been 4 years we are providing support to this orphanage in different ways. there are 11 children age between 6- 16 including mentally disable children sharing the home and a lady about 54 running this orphanage with local resource.

    This year we have donated a fridge, laptop,book racks and clothing box to children. Thankx to

  • food donation programme

    Food Donation Programme

    VEEP Nepal has distributed food in two different orphanages in Kathmandu with the help of an Italy based organization .

  • swoyambhu

    Video by Volunteers

    Video made by Our Spanish Volunteer who worked with us in Voluntourism 2012 January, they went for trekking around Annapurna region as well so, they have mixed various photos that they have taken during their volunteering and trekking thank you for sharing.
    You Tube Vidoe Made By Volunteers .. Mila and Iosu

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  • Health/ Teaching Programme

    This programme is for skilled volunteers who has previously worked with Health and sanitation progrmme, or volunteers who has got great interest in Health programme in developing country . Country like Nepal where 70 % people are living in below the poverty and not access the medical facilities.
    In this programme Volunteers will be teaching or working in Local school or Disable centers where

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  • evn1

    Environment Volunteering

    Our Environment programme is based in school either in village or in City ( Around Kathmandu valley) depends upon availability of placement, Volunteers will be Teaching Environment science in local school and will be carrying out different environment related activities ( In the school or Out the school ) during their placement time activities like : Environment awareness programme, environment awareness tour, cleaning camping or

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  • Himalayan View from Nagarkot

    Short Trek around Kathmandu

    Nagarkot – Dhulikhel- Namobudha – Panauti ( 2 night 3 days )

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Last day in Kathmandu all good things must end. Day parting a special trip, which has more than met my expectations. I left, to unwind, breathe and recharge and mission accomplished in spades. Beautiful country, amazing people and above all I’m a great life lesson.
The experience at the orphanage has been incredible, hard but intense days, many emotions to the surface. Despite the setbacks, the discomfort, lack of resources, we have been enjoying, adapting to the situation and learning to appreciate everything you have at home. Instead of teaching us to them, were the kids who gave us a good class, I would say .. As masterly are happy with anything, and how to value the little things that really matter.
Thanks to all who have accompanied me on this adventure, Surendra Joshi, Márcia Mendes, Silvia García Soro, Marta Codina Solà, Gozde Emine, Gorka Perez, Monika Subedi, the end was not so alone, and all that from a distance you have you worried about me. Whole piece back, happy, happy, with a big smile and eager to see you my heart stays here with these kids Nepal

- unforgettable experience in Nepal with VEEP and Orphan children